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This is my house of anubis fandom blog. I post everything house of anubis related but mostly Peddie. (: If you want a friend to talk to about HoA then message my main, I'm friendly. my main · Saved URLS · favorite peddie videos
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why do the call pactricia yacker

Because she talks a lot.



I NEED the link to the season finale of House of Anubis! They don’t have the last oneee. And I wanna know what happens with the cup! D:

link pleasseee?

Here.. pretty sure that’s it.

Have you seen all of season 2 of house of anubis?

Tempted to start a Glee meets House of Anubis roleplay but I don’t think anyone would join so.. xD

Okayso. I’m really not trying to start anything.. but.. PEOPLE DON’T OWN ANNIVERSARIES.. I MEAN.. You can’t..

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Oh my god... let me love you xD Everyone is fighting and venting about cliques and your just like "I'm glad i barely talk to you guys" .. asjklf you're flawless. All the awards!

Omg. Thanks. XD You shouldn’t have been on anon, we could be amazing friends. Hahah, maybe we already are, idk. <333

..So much fandom fighting..

I have no idea what’s happening.. But it’s times like these that I’m happy that I barely talk to you guys.. I mean you’re all amazing and I love you but this fighting is scary.. 

Today on my math sheet there was something about two guys named Victor and Jerome going fishing..

  • My friend who I forced to watch hoa once:OH, JEROMES THE CUTE ONE!!
  • Me:omg, I had no idea they were friends..
  • Me:I wonder if they went noodling like Patricia and Eddie!
  • Me:....that sounds wrong
  • My friend writes on her paper in huge letters across it:JEROME AND VICTOR WENT FISHING! :D
  • My teacher:Girls, be quiet or I'm sending you to the office!